Saturday, 19 November 2016

It is all-out Warfare today

Like a few other people on my blogroll, I went to Reading's annual gaming show, Salute, this morning. Given that it is about a mile from home, it would be daft not to. I nearly ended up helping out on the Modiphius stand, but one of their team ended up making it. Still, I spent a fair chunk of time with them chatting away about one thing and another and ended up signing up for the Star Trek RPG playtest. This netted me the first acquisition of the day, in the shape of  the preview Captains, Kirk and Picard. If the rest of the miniature range are as good... damn this is going to be hard to resist. The models are absolutely perfect representations of the two actors. They are very truescale figures... no giant hands and accessories, or overstated creases in clothing, but the casting is so well done that it hasn't turned into a blobby nothing.

I also had a run through the Achtung! Cthulhu skirmish demo and managed to massacre Chris' Marines with my Black Sun troops supported by some Servitors. We only got to do some basics like move and combat, but it looks promising.  I'm looking forward to trying this with the strategy card decks and magic mixed in as well.

After that, I went shopping and picked up some essentials like undercoat and grass tufts before turning to some more bits and pieces for the upcoming Western project. These will appear throughout the painting challenge this year hopefully.... so no sneak peeks.

There were some stunning tables in the gaming area. My favourite two were the snowy Chain of command game going on in the middle of the room

And the Minions racing game at the back

There are plenty of other photos on Jim's blog

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Overdue payments

It is coming to that point in the year when the Analogue Challenge starts up again (hopefully!), so some unfinished bits in the backlog are being finished to make way for new projects to be started. The most recent one of these is a German officer for Konflikt '47. This probably gives you a hint what is coming this year, other than all those space marines.

The Germans are not getting the clear bases as I've got some metal ones that I really can't be bothered to debase. This weekend is Reading's yearly gaming event, Warfare, so I get to stock up on flowers for basing.

With the run-up to AHPC, it was about time I actually sorted out a figure for Curt from last year's challenge. I'm really sorry that it has taken so long Curt, he will be going in the post shortly! He is one of the Kickstarter exclusive characters from Zombicide Black Plague that has a passing resemblance to some historical risk taker from Scotland who was played by someone very definitely not Scottish.  

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nothing to see here... except The Expanse

This week the painting table currently contains my Santa Clause gift... so no photos for this yet. It'll appear sometime after Christmas to let the poor soul a few days to recover.

The weekend has also seen a lot of work go into building all the models from the two Horus Heresy board games in preparation for this year's Analogue challenge, whenever that may appear. 50 tacticals, 5 terminators, one dreadnought, 5 Sisters of Silence and 5 Custodes. All of the marines will be to go with the Imperial Fists from last year.

While building these, I've been watching a new (to me anyway) series called The Expanse that was aired on US SyFy back in 2015, but has finally made it to Netflix here in the UK. The series is based upon the novels by James Corey, which I will now have to read as I've managed to burn through all 10 episodes in 2 days. If one of those hadn't involved actually having to go to work, it may have been one day. It is a nice blend of noir detective and proper sci-fi with some great special effects that are better than some cinematic releases I've seen recently.

In one review that I read earlier tonight, the writer made a very interesting point that SyFy may have made one critical mistake with The Expanse. They have made it so damn well that everything else SyFy has done pales in comparison. Roll on Season 2

Monday, 31 October 2016

Memory like a... wassname

I just went to paint some of the secret santa pressies... only to find that I'd forgotten what the heck the figures were and what the surprisee's colour schemes were. After half an hour of trawling through emails/website to find the order details and then another half an hour trawling back through the blog... I have no idea why I picked these up... I must have had someone else's blog in mind!  Still. New order has been placed and at least these ones I'll be able to recognise and paint up more easily. I suspect the SYW Dragoons will become a mini diorama or a blog giveaway... or something.

For my secret santas... I'm going to leave it up to your wise choices. Next year's plan is pretty much this year's plan pushed back due to too much work... Weird west with Black Scorpion  and Weird war 2 (any). Though I'm open to anything :D

In a related note, I'm trying to decide what to do about the Painting Challenge this year. I have lots I need to paint, but I don't know how much time I'll have to put into things. I'll probably enter, but go for quality rather than quantity this year. I was going to start on last year's Secret Santa gift (some awesome Black Scorpion wild west), but have decided they will be the first entry for the challenge

Sunday, 30 October 2016

A bit more cult

Between making more bases and priming the secret santa  bits I managed to get a bit more done on the cult. Again, these don't have bases yet, but things are starting to pull together a bit. Today's batch is mostly 1st and 2nd gen hybrids (the ones with more arms and claws) plus a 3rd gen with mining laser.

Here are all of them in one batch so far. It is small, but it is a start.

There is a bit more to do on these as the skin isn't 100% complete, but two posts in two days has to be a record this year. With a day off tomorrow, can I make it three for three?

While we are on the theme of Cults...

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Cult update

Halloween is nearly upon us, so as a bit of a shock surprise, you can have an update to prove that I'm not actually dead... I just feel like it. Between hunting for secret santa and santa clause gifts I've finally managed to get a bit more done on the cult. The oranges are really growing on me, expecially for the 3rd and 4th gens. I was worried that some of these would be too bright, but the darker greys of the armour and pads have toned it down a bit.

These 5 are the furthest along and are just waiting for the bases to dry before I stick them together, so there will be some better photos when there are more to show off.

The skin was an interesting experiment, mixing purples into the flesh. The aim is for that the earlier the generation, the more purple there is in the skin. When the first and second gen hybrids appear you'll see what I mean a bit more clearly. I might post a wip of the heads tomorrow if I get any further with things

Friday, 7 October 2016

Sigmar's heroes

Not quite as gritty as Kelly's Heroes, but pretty close.

In an attempt to get a little bit further with the Warhammer Quest characters I took a crack at the Knight Azyros/Venator kit that came in the first Character expansion box as I'd really enjoyed painting up the Knight Questor. This kit comes with parts to make one of two characters... so with the spare parts in hand and one of the AoS monopose Prosecutors I managed to get both characters out of the one kit

After these two were done, I had to finish off the sprue by building two of the starter set Liberators as well, for no real reason. Unfortunately I've run out of clear bases for these guys, so I need to order some more before I go any further with these