Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Step back in time

With the recent release of Clockwork Goblin's Konflikt '47 and the beta version of Modiphius' Achtung! Cthulhu skirmish rules, I've finally managed to find the time between work projects to do a bit of painting and start to piece together some figures to go with the original theme of this blog and bring it back on track.

Here we have two British officers, a medic, comms officer and a body guard type. On the painting table is an Automated Carrier (a bren carrier with an AI driver from Konflikt '47) and an A10 Wolverine to provide some mobile support.  I just need to find some time away from learning to be a Scrum Master to put markings on the tanks and start the weathering process...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

First steps into the Age of Sgmar

With the clock slowly ticking down until Silver Tower's release this weekend, I've been reading my first ever piece of fluff in the Age of Sigmar. Rather than trying to get a very high level view, I opted for finding an interesting looking piece of new fluff that concentrates on one specific aspect of the world. The Flesh-eater Courts (now there is a Google images search you don't want to do at lunchtime!).

As you can tell from the cover image, this is a re imagining of the old fantasy Ghoul stereotype. Yes, they are flesh eating degenerates to everyone else... but to each other, they are a shining paragon of virtue; defending their realms honourably in suits of gleaming armour.

You feel sorry for them in a weird kind of way as most of them ended up as these delusional misfits through no fault of their own and in some cases, believe they are still doing good, even if everyone else knows they are effectively a living plague. Even other undead shun them as being "not proper". It is a simple little addition to the backstory that makes them that little bit more interesting to play and sparks ideas for conversions as well as roleplaying opportunities.

There are a few little story snippets or ideas throughout the book that would make fantastic little plot hooks for adventures, such as an adventurer fighting his way through hordes of Ghouls to where their treasure lays. I won't spoil the surprise. I could also see some fun in playing a Ghoul character (or having an NPC turn up) that is utterly convinced he is a noble questing knight, leading to the other characters have to decide if they just kill him, or allow his delusions to run their course while it helps them in their quest.

If this is a sign of how the new world is panning out, I hold up my hand and outright apologise to AoS for spurning it for so long. We shall see how some of the other books go.

Questing ever onwards

This year has seen a lot of changes going on at GW HQ. Last year I'd pretty much decided not to buy from them again. This year they just keep on delivering great boxed games that harken back to the pieces of the universe that interested me most. First we had the Genestealer Cult making a comeback in Deathwatch:Overkill and now a version of Warhammer Quest is coming out. Granted, the new WQ is a far cry from the original, but it is a start and can be expanded upon easily enough with campaign books/boxes and digital content to add in campaign elements beyond the Silver Tower.

 Ever since I lost access to my original version of WQ I've been looking for a good alternative. Dungeon Saga was supposed to be that replacement, but for me it failed to deliver on a lot of what I was looking for. Sadly I already know that this is missing the same bits DS failed to live up to with the character advancement and more rpg-lite elements, but the random dungeon elements do (from the previews) seem to be a lot more cohesive and easier to build upon. Even if it turns out it isn't "the thing" it is another source to crib from if I ever get back to writing my own.

On the plus side, it has some wonderful models that look like they will be fun to paint. I've seen people complaining about the "cartoony" look of the new models though. Did they ever look at the old WQ figures?! I know which ones I prefer:

I do have to admit that I was one of those people that never gave Age of Sigmar a chance and wrote it off based on a few photos and a pang of loss at the universe that I'd grown up with, even though hadn't gamed in for years!. Shame on me. Some conversations with friends who hate started AoS and the release of Silver Tower has ignited an interest in what is actually happening in this new world. I'll probably have a read through some of the books over the coming months to see how I can twist Silver Tower into other settings.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Silence breaks with the fall of some promises...

So, first up my apologies for the silence (work, work, work!) and the fact that I still need to post out the loot from the painting challenge! I'll try and sort those this week. Adam, could you please PM me your address so I can send you a Frostgrave prize? :)

Unlike previous years, I am still painting after the challenge, so I obviously didn't work hard enough to get burnt out... which is probably a good thing all considered. the current mini project is working my way through some of the Space Marines from GW's boxed game, Betrayal at Calth. I've tried painting Space Marines before, but I could never quite get the hang of painting the armour, but the armour design included in this box was always my favourite, so I had to have another go. The friends that I'm likely to play Calth against have their own set of the game, so I've decided to paint up all of the models in one colour scheme to have a wider selection of options.

I'm glad I did give them aother chance... the quality of these is leaps and bounds better than the ones I had to work with before. I've seen quite  few complaints about the right hand being part of the bolter, rather than the arm. To be honest, this is a genuis move on GWs part as it makes the construction so much easier. I always get carried away with plastic kits and stick them all together and end up fighting with bits that didn't get undercoated properly. This time around I've gone for the partial build assembly line version and it seems to be so much easier!

I've chosen a slightly brighter colour scheme this time around. Past attempts were either our store Ultramarines *yawn*, or some Red Scorpions based on the Forgeworld resin parts. This time I've gone for Imperial Fists as a change. My Guard ended up a drab brown with ochre accents, so they should work nicely as allied Imperial Army allies.

I've never been a massive fan of the bright canary yellow you see promoted by most GW books, so I decided to go for a more muted, ochre colour instead; which I'm much happier with. The one on the right looks like he is going to be rocking out with a guitar with that pose!

The transfers arrived on Friday, so once I've got a number of them ready, I'll go back, put all the chapter markings on them and pray the final varnish doesn't ruin them all.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Let's make a bet

One of the sub-challenges in this year's Painting Challenge was for Gamblers and Risk takers. Handily this also matches Curt's fee model as well. Following one of my themes for the challenge, Curt is getting one of the most well known gamblers in the Old West... Wild Bill Hickok

The model is from Great Escape Games and their Dead Man's Hand range.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Nautical cults

Welcome to the Cult of the Tentacled One. 

In the challenge this year I've been working through a selection of fantasy models for Frostgrave. Some of the more interesting kits are the official plastic kits, especially the cultists. The last batch were a combination of thugs, crossbow, archer and warriors

These join the ranks of last year's small cthuloid cult
 And their new captain, an old GW WFB pirate captain who had been sat in my painting pile for years. The nautical these has certainly been a good inspiration.

At some point I want to find some modern weaponry that scales will with the cultist kit and equip some for use in a more pulp-y setting.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Cult rising

Every time I think I've finally slipped free of the GW bandwagon, something comes along to undo all the damage killing the Warhammer world and increasing prices as done.

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but in the dim, distant past of 1st/2nd Ed 40k I used to play a rather fun Genestealer Cult. Unfortunately with the switch to 3rd edition GW, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do away with it, leaving many of us without a playable army.

Yesterday and this morning images started to appear for the next 40k board game that is making many a Cultist overjoyed. The Cult of the 4 armed Father is returning in 2 week time with some of the nicest figures I've seen from GW in while.

For me, one nice touches is that the cult is based on a mining colony, equipped with mining lasers and other pieces of industrial equipment. My old Guard force was based on a mining colony, so the temptation to revisit this to make it part of the cult is overwhelming. I hear the recent attempts at board games are coming along nicely, especially Calth.

On a different note, work on the challenge has been very slow over the last few weeks. Initially it got derailed as Claire decided to start us off on the slipper slope that is Lego Dimensions (so much fun!) and this weekend is being eaten up with painting of a different sort. The building work on Claire's new workshop has reached a pint where we need to do our bit and start painting the walls and ceiling. Sadly as some idiot (that would be me) decided to save some money and paint the bare plaster ourselves. I suspect not too much more will be done for the challenge this year, but we will see.